A Smart Nutrition App
Powered by
Artificial Intelligence

A self-adjusting smart calorie counter that tells you exactly what to eat to reach your goals.

We Make Sense of Your Diet Data.

Optimize Everything

All your data processed and packaged into precise weekly nutrition and cardio plans. Metrics that matter are analyzed and optimized.

Balance Precision With Flexibility

Receive data driven targets that conform to your lifestyle while pushing for progress. Plans you can stick to intelligently crafted while you log.

Process Every Detail

10,000+ scenarios constantly screened and adjusted for. Important metrics seamlessly collected by our smart calorie counter. You log. We learn.

A Complete Nutrition Platform

  • FitGenie combines the tools of a calorie counter with dynamic and adaptive macronutrient adjustments.

  • We guarantee high quality, individual nutrition plans every week and provide a database of 1+ million foods to follow them.

More Than Just A Calorie Counter

  • Our advanced diet analysis algorithm was created with the help of industry leading experts. Tested and perfected with hundreds of real clients.

  • From overeating to going hungry, we take everything into consideration when adjusting your nutrition and cardio plans.

Meet Our Team

Eric Helms PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Advisor

Obi Anachebe

Co-Founder & CEO

Keith Osayande

Co-Founder & COO

Daniel Yeh

Co-Founder & Business Advisor

The motivation behind building FitGenie lies in our team’s desire to positively impact millions seeking nutritional guidance by providing a free, honest, and science-based mobile application. With the collective experiences of coaching over 300 athletes, establishing a prominent sports nutrition company, and building a university fitness club from the ground up, we’ve immersed ourselves in the business of helping people. Backed by Georgia Tech's Startup Program and equipped with degrees in engineering, business, and a PhD in exercise science we possess the skill set to constantly improve and deliver a quality product.

We're Better, And We're Free.

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